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How Long Should a Car’s AC Last Before Needing Service?

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Drivers rely on a working car A/C to help them escape the heat in warmer months. Because of that, you need to know how long your car’s A/C should last before absolutely needing service and how to avoid getting to that point.

Generally, car A/C systems can last several years before needing repairs. The hotter the climate you live in, the shorter that timeframe becomes. While an entire A/C unit may last up to ten years before needing replacement, that doesn’t mean issues can’t arise to make that time come sooner. It’s best to regularly get your car serviced by a skilled car A/C mechanic to prevent minor repairs from turning into greater problems.

For over three decades, AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning has helped our neighbors with car A/C services. Our mechanics can quickly apply the necessary repairs to your car’s A/C system and perform regular checkups. To learn more about the Miami car A/C mechanics at AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning, call us today at (305) 909-6127.

How Many Years Should Your Car’s AC Last Before Needing Repairs?

There are a few things that can impact how long it takes before your car’s AC needs repairs. The main two are the climate you live in and the frequency with which you use your car’s A/C system. If you live in a hotter area, your car’s A/C is more likely to need regular repairs.

Generally, car A/C systems last eight to 10 years before needing repairs. That’s how long your car’s A/C compressor is likely to remain in good working condition. That being said, the warmer the climate that you live in, the sooner you may need to get your car’s A/C repaired.

There are varying degrees of repairs for a car air conditioning system, and not all are major. For example, an A/C recharge, which is a restoration of refrigerant levels, can last up to three years for some drivers. For those who live in a hotter climate and regularly use their car’s A/C, an A/C recharge may last only a year or so.

Minor repairs or services, like an A/C recharge, aren’t something to be afraid of. It doesn’t mean that your car’s A/C is broken, just that it needs tending to. An experienced Hialeah car A/C mechanic can apply any necessary repairs to your car’s A/C as soon as it shows signs of failure.

How Long Should a Car’s AC Last Before It Needs to Be Replaced?

Repairs and total replacements are two different things. When your car’s A/C system needs to be replaced, that can be a costly and inconvenient experience. Because of that, drivers need to be able to estimate when their car A/C systems may need to be replaced.

The heart of any car’s A/C system is the compressor. Generally, these parts can stay working for eight to ten years. However, issues other than time can result in an entire replacement of a car’s A/C system. Again, the weather is a major culprit. Extreme heat can cause corrosion within a car’s A/C unit, calling for the complete replacement of all necessary parts. Heat may mean that your car’s A/C unit has to work overtime to cool the cabin, wearing a compressor out sooner than expected.

Modern cars have complex electrical systems that can fry if overworked. Any electrical problems call for a skilled car A/C mechanic, like those at AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning. A skilled professional may be able to save crucial parts of a car’s A/C system to avoid a complete replacement.

So, while you can expect your car’s A/C to last between eight to ten years, depending on where you live, know that other things can happen to threaten your car’s air conditioning system. Entirely replacing your car’s A/C can be expensive and avoidable by taking the right precautions. Look out for signs that your car’s A/C might be failing, like weak airflow or strange noises. There are no promises regarding how long your car’s A/C will last, which is why proper maintenance and care are so important.

How Often Should You Get Your Car’s AC Serviced?

Although you may be required to get your car inspected every 12 months, it’s smart to get a detailed inspection specifically for your A/C unit. Drivers should regularly get their air conditioning system checked by a car A/C mechanic to catch any issues before they worsen.

At the start of warmers seasons, it’s a good idea to get your car’s A/C serviced. Mechanics can complete a visual inspection of an A/C unit to look for glaring problems. They can also check the temperature from vents to ensure your car’s air conditioning system is working properly. Depending on where you live, this may be necessary once a year or several times a year.

For example, say you live in Miami or another city that tends to be hot throughout the year. In that case, it may be wise to get your car’s A/C serviced multiple times a year. That’s because you will likely use your air conditioning frequently, which means it has a greater chance of failure. When drivers get their A/C serviced regularly, they reduce the risk of experiencing serious problems resulting in a complete A/C system replacement.

If you notice any problems with your car’s A/C, like refrigerant leaks or weak airflow, don’t try to address them yourself. Instead, take your vehicle to a skilled car A/C mechanic. A professional can perform the necessary repairs to ensure that issues don’t worsen. Remember, if you regularly service your car’s A/C, you can reduce the risk of running into serious problems.

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When your car’s A/C needs service, don’t wait to take it to an experienced professional for the necessary repairs. To learn more about how we can help, call the Biscayne Park car A/C mechanics at AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning today at (305) 909-6127.