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Automotive air conditioning is one of those features we enjoy and think will never break down. After all, it is a classic textbook, 101 comfort. Unfortunately, a/c systems do break and fail. Contrary to what many people may know, a/c units have a lot of moving parts, working at the same time to provide a seamless, comfortable ride. Therefore, if one of your car a/c components fail, it is likely your whole system compromises. One of your vehicle’s main a/c components is the compressor. The compressor, as you will learn, plays a significant role in your air conditioner’s function.

If your compressor fails, then your best option is taking your car to a professional automotive air conditioning shop. For over 30 years our Miami certified compressor mechanics have worked on thousands of vehicles. Our experience and high-quality service separate us from the rest. Trust AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning for your auto a/c repairs.

What is a Car’s Compressor?

A compressor is a car’s a/c centerpiece. This vehicle part is in charge of receiving and pressurizing the cooling agent or refrigerant. Once pressurization is done, the compressor then sends converted coolant to the evaporator. A compressor is as essential as it is complicated. For instance, most of the compressors are made out of many parts which include valves and pistons. Failure of any of these components can compromise a compressor’s proper function.

A compressor cannot function on its own. That is why it needs other operating parts to activate. Every time you turn the a/c on you activate the compressor system which requires an electrical connector alongside a clutch and bearing. If any of these components fail, the compressor won’t function properly. Generally, some parts in the compressor may wear and tear with use such as the compressor’s seal. If the compressor is not sealed correctly, refrigerant will most likely leak. Leakage of the compressor will lead to problems with the a/c system.

Indications your Compressor is Failing?

The good news is you don’t have to be a certified mechanic to detect early indications your compressor is going bad. Your vehicle will likely let you know. For instance, if you get into your car, turn the a/c and notice a bunch of weird noises, it could be an indication your compressor is turning bad. As soon as you hear sounds when turning your air conditioner on, take your car to a professional Miami car a/c repair shop.

Another indication your compressor may be going wrong is refrigerant fluid leakage. If the compressor’s internal bearings wear out or break, the refrigerant can leak. Without this essential component, your automobile’s a/c will not work correctly. The result will be an activated fan blowing nothing but hot air. It’s best to replace a compressor’s internal bearings rather than repair them to maximize the compressor’s performance.

If you turn your vehicle’s a/c on and feel nothing but hot air, then you might have a compressor problem. To function correctly, the refrigerant must flow without complications throughout the entire a/c system. If the coolant does not flow properly, then cold air cannot circulate. Whenever you see some of these problems occurring, take your car to a professional air conditioning repair shop.

How Can I Fix My Compressor?

First things first; do not attempt to repair your car’s compressor yourself. Unless you know and have specialized tools to fix it, don’t do it. Keep in mind, this car part works at high pressures, and there is always the potential for an injury when attempting repairing it. However, your compressor replacement shop can help you assess and address the situation.

People can choose between replacing your old compressor with a new one or acquiring a remanufactured one. While remanufactured compressors may not have the “new” mark on them, they tend to work just fine. At AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning, you can choose to either get a new or refurbished compressor. No matter your selection, we will solve your compressor problem so you can enjoy fresh, smooth rides. It is advisable to get periodical a/c check-ups.

Automotive Air Conditioning Compressor Replacement Shop Serving Miami

Driving your vehicle under Miami’s scorching hot sun without a/c can be irritating and stressful. Do not risk the chance of a distressing day because of a bad compressor. Let our North Miami Beach certified mechanics to deal with the situation. For more than 30 years, AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning have proudly served thousands of car owners. Our knowledge, skill, and service separate us from our competitors.

If you wish to learn more about the services we provide in a friendly and professional setting, call AAA today at (305) 770-6929. You can also schedule an appointment by visiting our website. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions.