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If you or someone you know has problems with their auto air conditioning system, our Biscayne Park auto air mechanics can help. Backed by decades of experience in the auto air industry, our professionally certified team of professionals is ready to solve any problem you may have with your car’s air conditioning unit.

Don’t let a lack of cool air ruin an otherwise perfect day in sunny Florida. Let our team of professionals help you assess and solve any issues affecting your car’s air conditioning. Call AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning to learn more about all of our services and how we can help you. Our phone number is (305) 770-6929.

Common Causes of Air Conditioning Failure

The air conditioner (A/C) in your vehicle is a necessity rather than a luxury. This is especially true for people visiting or living in Miami. If you have ever been to places in the Miami area, such as Biscayne Park, you know how warm it can get. Therefore, having a fully functioning air conditioning unit in your vehicle is critical, but many car owners may face problems with their vehicle’s A/C that they do not understand.

There are several signs your car will show that will let you know it may be time to take it to the repair shop. You should always do your best to pay attention to whatever you may think is off with your car’s A/C. At AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning, we understand the common causes of auto air conditioning failure and how to correct the situation. If you are confronting issues with your car’s A/C system in Biscayne Park, pay close attention to the following common causes of auto A/C failure:

Refrigerant Leak

One of the most common reasons for auto air conditioning failure is a refrigerant leak. As you may know, your car’s A/C system depends on freon, a refrigerant. This cooling agent flows and circulates through the system, allowing your car’s A/C unit to produce cold air. Freon is a vehicle’s A/C main component. Without it, all other parts may activate, but only hot air will blow through your vehicle’s vents. Many car owners may not experience leaks in their car. However, many other individuals may experience this issue.

This is why paying attention to the A/C unit’s function over time is crucial in determining whether your car has a freon leak. Many times, pinpointing the exact origin of the leak can be difficult, especially if you lack the knowledge and experience to assess the situation. For this reason, it may be wise to take your car to a skilled auto air mechanic as soon as you detect a change in the way your car’s A/C is performing. Our team of certified auto air mechanics can help you with this particular situation.

Condenser Fan Malfunction

Another cause of auto air conditioning failure is a malfunctioning condenser fan. As you may know, the condenser is in charge of converting freon into a liquid form, allowing it to pass through the car’s A/C system. The condenser fan plays a crucial role in the gas-to-liquid conversion process. As the condenser converts freon to liquid, significant amounts of heat are expelled from the system. The condenser fan activates to cool the condenser and prevent it from overheating. Naturally, a malfunctioning condenser fan may no longer be able to cool the condenser, which can compromise the condensing unit.

A common way to detect a possible condenser fan failure is a burning smell whenever you turn the A/C on. It may not seem apparent at the beginning, but you may start noticing a burning smell a couple of minutes after turning on your vehicle’s A/C. If this happens, you need to turn the unit off to prevent further damage. Our certified team of experienced and dedicated auto air mechanics can help you correct this issue.

Electrical Failure

Recent years have seen an influx of new technology in cars. As the industry moves forward, so does the implementation of digital and electrical components. Today, most cars depend on intricate, sophisticated circuitry and electrical components to function adequately. This is especially true for vehicular A/C, which is more dependent on touch panels and digital boards. While this may seem like an amazing addition to cars, it is not free from dangers. An electrical failure can compromise the entire A/C unit and leave you without A/C until the problem is corrected. If your digital screen shuts down, you may have no other way to turn on your A/C. It is essential to take your car to a repair shop if you experience these or any other electrical issues with your vehicle.

Recharging Your Car’s A/C Unit in Biscayne Park

Recharge is a common process through which a certified auto air mechanic re-fills freon in your car’s A/C system. The recharge process commonly requires the use of specially designed equipment. Your vehicle will be hooked into the recharge machine, which will be in charge of cleaning the A/C system and refilling it to manufacturer-recommended freon levels. This is not a mandatory service required for all cars. However, you should take your car to your auto air mechanic for a quick evaluation if you see any changes in your car’s A/C unit performance.

Auto Air Conditioning Mechanics Repairing and Recharging Auto A/C Units in Biscayne Park

If you or someone you know is facing problems with their car’s A/C, we may be able to help. For years, our certified auto air mechanics have helped many customers in Biscayne Park. Our mechanics are regularly updated with the latest in auto air conditioning technology. To learn more about our Miami car a/c repair services and how we can help you solve your particular issue, call AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning today at (305) 770-6929.