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What Causes an AC Compressor Belt Malfunction?

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Today, A/C compressor belts in cars can do more than just power your air conditioning system. Because they’re necessary for various operations, it’s important to be able to quickly identify a broken compressor belt. To do so, you have to know the causes of an A/C compressor belt malfunction.

Your car’s A/C compressor belt can fail for several reasons. Lots of use and misaligned parts account for most of the causes. Like with all things, a car’s parts can deteriorate over time and stop working properly. Pulleys can become eroded, and tracks can shift. Your compressor can seize, causing the belt to snap. Regularly taking your car for an inspection can prevent its A/C compressor belt from malfunctioning.

Since 1987, the Miami car A/C repair mechanics at AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning have been helping our neighbors with their car A/C issues. Our ASE-certified mechanics can restore your malfunctioning compressor belt. To schedule a visit, call the Miami car A/C repair mechanics at AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning today at (305) 909-6127.

What Can Cause an AC Compressor Belt Malfunction?

Your car A/C system is very intricate. For it to work properly, each pulley and accessory has to align properly. Though they’re built to last, A/C compressor belts, also known as serpentine belts, can malfunction for several reasons. If parts deteriorate or become misaligned, the compressor belt can malfunction. Age can also cause belts to fail.

If a pulley stops working, the belt cannot move properly, causing it to malfunction. This can happen from age or corrosion. An auto accident can shift these parts, too, causing issues to your car’s A/C compressor belt. When your compressor belt breaks, your air conditioner will stop working. The compressor belt can also come off its track and become unable to do its job. Because these parts are intricate, fixing them requires the knowledge of the Miami car A/C compressor mechanics at AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning. Experienced technicians can address the issues with your compressor belt, so it stops malfunctioning and starts working properly.

Although A/C compressor belts are durable, they can slacken over time. These serpentine belts are often made from rubber which can wear out after years of use. The average A/C compressor belt can last tens of thousands of miles. So, if your car has traveled very far, that might be the cause of your broken A/C compressor belt.

When the actual compressor seizes, it can cause the belt to snap. Low refrigerant levels or corroded parts can make a compressor to stop at a moment’s notice. When one aspect of your A/C system becomes suddenly stationary, it can cause the compressor belt to break. You may need to replace or repair your compressor and its belt in that case.

What Are Signs of an AC Compressor Belt Malfunction?

You can identify a faulty A/C compressor belt pretty quickly by just listening to it. Malfunctioning compressor belts make a distinctive squealing sound. If you have the air conditioning on and hear strange noises from your car, they could be coming from a broken A/C compressor belt. You can check the belt itself or look for indications that other, connected systems are also failing.

Listen for Noises

The compressor belt connects your car’s compressor to the engine. A broken belt can’t power the compressor, causing your air conditioning to fail. If you suspect that your car’s A/C compressor belt is failing, listen closely for odd screeching noises while driving. Next, check under the hood.

Check the Belt

The A/C compressor belt is easily identifiable. Just look for a long rubber piece near your car’s compressor. Check it out. Does it appear worn? Is it torn? Is it off its track? If any of those things are true, it’s likely broken. If you aren’t sure, ask a professional. The ASE-certified Miami car A/C mechanics at AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning will be able to tell. Some cases of a malfunctioning A/C compressor belt are more obvious than others.

Look for Other Signs

Modern belts power more than just your air conditioner. If your check engine light starts glowing, examine the serpentine belt. Your car’s alternator might not be producing enough electricity. Another indication of a malfunctioning compressor belt is if your engine begins to overheat. These days, compressor belts can also power the water pump, too. If your belt fails, the water pump might not be able to move coolant through the engine. This can cause your engine to overheat, which isn’t good.

How Can You Avoid an AC Compressor Belt Malfunction?

The best way to prevent a malfunctioning A/C compressor belt from harming your car is by getting it checked by professionals. After several thousand miles, it might be time to get your compressor belt replaced.

Most modern cars use one belt system to power multiple accessories. Your compressor, or serpentine belt, might not just support the A/C. It can also be connected to your car’s alternator and power steering pump. So, if it malfunctions, it won’t just affect your car’s A/C.

Because of that, it might be wise to get your car’s A/C compressor belt checked more frequently. If your car only has one belt to power important systems, it will be used more often. That being said, the belts today are made from highly durable materials that won’t wear out too quickly.

Taking your vehicle to the Miami car A/C repair mechanics at AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning can help you catch issues what might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Experienced technicians can identify problems with your A/C compressor belt, quickly. Compressor belts are easily forgotten especially if you don’t frequently use your car’s A/C. Avoid potential problems by getting your vehicle inspected regularly. More importantly, if a mechanic warns you about a potentially compromised belt, listen and replace it.

Call Our Mechanics for an AC Compressor Belt Malfunction

Your A/C compressor belt can have many jobs. If it breaks, multiple systems might be interrupted. To fix a malfunctioning A/C compressor belt, call the Miami car A/C compressor mechanics at AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning today at (305) 909-6127.