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Should You Get Your Car’s AC Fixed at the Dealership?

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Knowing who to rely on when it comes to car air conditioning issues is important. Should you take your car to the dealership, or will an auto body shop be more equipped to apply the repairs you need for your vehicle’s A/C?

Although your dealership may be able to handle A/C unit issues, it might charge you more than an independent auto body shop. Dealerships may also have longer wait times, preventing you from getting your car back for days or weeks. Car dealerships typically don’t specialize in one type of repair service, meaning yours might not have the necessary equipment to fix your broken air conditioning system. Our technicians, however, can honestly assess the problems with your car’s A/C, provide a transparent and affordable quote, and apply the necessary repairs as soon as possible.

To get your car’s A/C fixed today, call the car air conditioning repair technicians at AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning at (305) 909-6127.

Why Should I Reconsider Getting My Car’s AC Fixed at the Dealership?

When your car’s A/C starts acting up, it’s a good idea to take it to an experienced mechanic right away. But does it matter whether or not that mechanic is at an auto body shop or the dealership from which you purchased your car? When deciding whether or not to get your car’s A/C fixed at the dealership, there are a few things you might want to consider.

High Prices

Car dealerships are often less focused on servicing customers and more focused on making a sale. Because of this, you might face higher prices when taking your car to the dealership to get its A/C fixed versus taking your car to our air conditioning repair technicians. Dealerships might hike up prices for replacement parts for your air conditioning system because they are specific to your vehicle. The chances that you’ll face high repair prices from your dealership might increase if A/C unit repairs aren’t covered under your warranty. You might also find that the dealership wants to replace your entire air conditioning system when it only needs a tune-up or an A/C recharge, meaning you’ll spend more for unnecessary repairs.

Long Wait Times

At car dealerships, the top priority is selling vehicles, not repairing broken car A/C systems. When you drop your car off at the dealership to get your A/C fixed, you might not get it back for several days or even weeks. Not only can this be inconvenient, but it may also be unnecessary. You can avoid long wait times for A/C repair by taking your vehicle to our technicians. Depending on the repairs needed on your air conditioning system, you may get your car back within a matter of hours.

Lack of Equipment

While many car dealerships offer maintenance, that doesn’t mean they have all of the necessary equipment on hand to service your vehicle’s broken A/C system. Your dealership might have to order parts or equipment to apply the right repairs to your air conditioning unit, increasing wait time and the cost of service. Before you commit to taking your car to the dealership for A/C repairs, ask to make sure they have the necessary parts on site. If they don’t, consider the benefits of taking your vehicle to our car air conditioning technicians, who specialize in A/C repair. Complex electrical repairs for air conditioning systems may not be within the capabilities of your car dealership.

Perks of Getting Your Car Fixed by Our AC Repair Service Instead of the Dealership

In many cases, taking your car to an auto body shop and getting it serviced by our air conditioning repair technicians can be preferable to taking it to the dealership. Not only can our mechanics service your car quickly, but you can get an honest assessment of the issues with its A/C system and benefit from lower prices.

Lower Prices

Depending on the warranty on your car, certain A/C repairs may or may not be covered by your dealership. Typically, the cost of taking your car to an auto body shop for repairs versus a big dealership will be less expensive. The thought of replacing your entire air conditioning system might already be overwhelming when considering the cost. Getting a transparent quote from our experienced mechanics can make you feel more comfortable about the cost and allow you to fix your car’s A/C more quickly, without having to save up.

Honest Assessments

Issues with car air conditioning systems might initially seem extreme, but that’s not always the case. When you take your vehicle to our mechanics and technicians, we can assess your vehicle to determine the actual issue with your air conditioning system. It could be that you only need more refrigerant or a new compressor. These problems are typically easy to address and can be completed within a few hours by our mechanics. If you take your car to the dealership instead, problems might be improperly assessed, leading to more repairs that aren’t necessary.

Quick Turnarounds

Because our auto body shop specializes in vehicle repair services for air conditioning systems, you can get your car back sooner. At a car dealership, other vehicles may be at a higher priority because of pressing engine issues or other problems. The issues with your air conditioning system might get pushed to the wayside, delaying the completion of repairs on your car. Our technicians work efficiently and thoroughly to address problems with air conditioning systems so that customers don’t have to wait days on end before getting their cars back. Even complicated A/C electrical repair can be done quickly, enabling you to pick up your vehicle soon after dropping it off.

Our Mechanics Can Fix Your Car’s Broken AC

For your car’s A/C servicing needs, call the car air conditioning repair technicians at AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning at (305) 909-6127.