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If you or someone you know is having problems with a car’s air conditioning unit, our Miami-based, professionally certified auto air mechanics can help. We have many years of experience with handling the air units in today’s hottest brands. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to provide high-quality auto air repair services to all of our clients.

A day without an air conditioner can ruin your entire day, especially if you are driving under Miami’s hot weather. Don’t go another day without working A/C. To learn more about all of our services, call AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning today at (305) 770-6929.

Should I Get My Toyota’s A/C Checked?

The short answer to this question is, it depends. You may need to take your car to a professional air conditioning repair shop depending on whether your car’s system shows signs of failure. You may wonder how you can detect that there is a problem within your vehicle’s A/C. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert to determine there is a problem that justifies a visit to a certified air conditioning mechanic.

For instance, a simple way to detect problems or potential system failure is by listening to any noises your car produces as soon as you turn the A/C on. Different types of sounds may point to various problems within the system. If your car starts making grinding or squealing noises every time you turn up your air conditioner, you likely have issues with your car’s pulley system. Furthermore, if your car’s compressor or clutch is faulty, you may hear rattling noises, often accompanied by vibrations.

Another way to detect possible problems with your air conditioning unit is by paying close attention to how fast your unit takes to cool the cabin. Usually, the interior of your vehicle should take no more than three to five minutes to cool. If it’s taking more than this time to cool, your car’s A/C unit may be compromised. Furthermore, if nothing but warm air is coming out of the car’s vents, it is usually a good indicator that your vehicle’s A/C needs to be serviced.

If you had or are experiencing these problems with your car’s air conditioning unit, our dedicated, skilled, and experienced air conditioning mechanics can help. We can make sure your vehicle gets a proper assessment and will work to correct any problem within your car’s A/C unit.

What Kinds of A/C Services Are Available for my Toyota?

At AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning, we can perform different A/C services for your Toyota. Some of the services we can help you with include:

Auto Air Conditioning Assessment

Our professionally certified air conditioning mechanics can help determine the best course of action following an exhaustive assessment. Pinpointing and correcting an issue within your car’s A/C unit requires experience, skill, and knowledge. Our mechanics have years of experience handling auto air conditioning issues and are ready to assess and correct any problems your vehicle’s A/C may have.

Evacuation and Recharge

Evacuation and recharge are actions performed in cars in need of refrigerant replacement. This procedure requires the use of a special machine dedicated to flush out old refrigerant, oils, residues, and contaminants and to recharge the A/C system with new coolant. This is a process that requires the experience of a certified air conditioning mechanic. We can help you get your air up and running in no time.

A/C Electrical Repair

Vehicular air conditioning systems are complex, often requiring in-depth knowledge of electrical systems. Accurately assessing and correcting any underlying electrical issues can help you prevent problems further down the road. Our certified mechanics understand the principles governing auto air conditioning electrical systems and are ready to help you fix any electrical issues your car may be facing.

When’s the Best Time to Get My Car’s A/C Checked?

Taking your car to an auto air conditioning mechanic will depend on whether your system is showing signs of failure. Keep in mind that some vehicles may not need to get their air unit checked for years. However, if you have reason to believe your car’s air may be failing, you should take it to a professional auto air conditioning repair shop as soon as you can.

Toyota Air Conditioning Repair Shop Serving Miami

At AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning, we understand that your car’s air conditioning is a necessity rather than a luxury. Do not wait another second if your Toyota’s air unit is not cooling as it once used to. Our experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled Miami air conditioning mechanics can help you locate and solve any problems contained within your vehicle’s air unit. To learn more about all of our services, call our offices today at (305) 770-6929.