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Driving through the hot streets of Miami without air conditioning can put you under a lot of stress. Fortunately, you can get your car checked by a professional auto air conditioning mechanic in Miami.

At AAA Radiator & Auto Air Conditioning we dedicate ourselves to providing nothing but high-quality air conditioning services. To learn more about our service and how we can help you, call our offices today at (305) 874-0089 or contact us online.

When It’s the Best Time to Repair My Nissan’s A/C?

Many seasoned car owners understand and know how the many moving parts of their vehicles work. However, many individuals have no idea where to begin when it comes to a problem with their car. This is especially true for car owners experiencing issues with their vehicle’s a/c unit. As you know, Miami is particularly warm all year round. Therefore, it is always a good idea to keep your car’s a/c unit up-to-date. But, how do you know your vehicle’s a/c unit needs repair or service? The following signs will let you know when it is the right moment to take your car to an a/c mechanic.

Lack or Proper Cooling

One of the most apparent signs your car needs an a/c check-up is lack of proper cooling. As soon as you turn on your a/c, you should feel brisk air flowing from the vents on your car. If your car takes too long to cool the air, or there is only hot air coming out the vents, your vehicle likely needs to get it’s a/c unit repaired or serviced. Our skilled auto air conditioning professionals can help you target and correct the cause of improper cooling in your car.

Noises While the A/C is On

There is a whole science behind turning your car’s a/c on. However, if you have noticed your car is not cooling as it used to, there is another way you can tell your car needs a visit to the mechanic. If you turn on your air conditioning unit and notice a grinding or screeching sound, one of the components in the air conditioning system may be damaged or compromised. If you can relate to this scenario, it is wise to avoid turning the a/c and take your vehicle to a professional car air conditioning mechanic.

Damage to the A/C Components

As mentioned above, a car’s a/c unit has many moving parts. Each component plays a crucial role in how your vehicle’s a/c unit performs. For instance, damage to the lines and fittings carrying refrigerant to the a/c unit can cause the cooling agent to leak. This can affect the way your car’s a/c performs, putting it at risk of breaking down. If you notice damage to the lines, fittings, or any other component in your car’s air conditioning system, you should take it directly to an a/c mechanic.

How Often Do I Have to Get My Auto’s A/C Checked?

There is not a set date to take your car for inspection. The moment you notice your car is not cooling as it once did is a strong indication you may need an auto a/c service. It is strongly recommended you don’t try to perform any service such as an a/c recharge. Most of these systems are sealed, often requiring the use of advanced equipment to pump out old refrigerant and replace with a new cooling agent.

Furthermore, services such as an air conditioning recharge require having extensive knowledge of how the complete air conditioning system works. For instance, to perform a successful recharge, you need to locate the filling port and have the appropriate tool to read the a/c’s pressure. Measuring your car’s air conditioning pressure is crucial in a recharge. Additionally, a recharge requires filling you’re a/c unit with the correct refrigerant. Any mistake in the recharge process can put your system at risk of malfunctioning.

Many people do not take their car for this type of service until they notice a change in their air conditioning unit. However, it is recommended to get your car’s a/c unit check-up at least once a year. Taking your vehicle to a skilled and professional car air conditioning mechanic can save you time and money down the road.

Experienced Auto Air Conditioning Mechanics Serving Miami

If you or someone you know needs assistance with their car’s a/c unit, we may be able to help. For the past 30 years, AAA Radiator & Auto Air Conditioning have been proudly serving the Miami area. Some of the services we can provide in our air conditioning repair shop include:

  • A/C Electrical Repair
  • A/C Recharge
  • Compressor Replacement

Our auto repair professionals have built a reputation by providing high-quality repair services to all our clients. To learn more about our service and how we can help you with your Nissan’s a/c unit, call AAA Radiator & Auto Air Conditioning at (305) 874-0089 or contact us online.