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Nothing is more enjoyable and relaxing than driving through Miami’s roads with a fully functioning air conditioning unit, providing you with a cool ride every time. However, a perfectly sunny day can turn into a nightmare if your vehicle’s air conditioning system fails. This is especially true in Miami, where the weather is warm all year round.

If you or someone you know can relate to this type of scenario, AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning can help. Let our professionally certified auto air mechanics assess and repair any issues within your car’s A/C system. To learn more about all of our services and how we can help you with your car’s A/C issues, call AAA today at (305) 850-6706.

Signs You Need Your Hyundai’s A/C Serviced

So, you own a Hyundai and are wondering when a good time might be to have your car’s air conditioning unit serviced by a professional A/C mechanic. You should always be mindful about how your vehicle’s air performs. Several indicators may tell you it is time to take your car to a professional for a full assessment and service. The following are some indicators your vehicle needs a professional check-up:

Odd Noises

You may have gone through the uncomfortable, irritating experience of hearing loud noises every time you turn on the A/C. There are several sounds, each indicating a flaw on the A/C system. For instance:

  • Screeching: Screeching noises can be loud, discomforting, and annoying. These uncomfortable sounds commonly happen due to a worn-out serpentine belt. If this happens, you should replace it as soon as you can. At AAA, we can take care of this and many other issues in your vehicle’s A/C.
  • Clicking: Clicking noises are common in cases where there is a loose air fan or a damaged relay switch. If your car’s A/C fan is chipped, cracked, or otherwise broken, it can lead to the clicking sounds you may be experiencing. If a relay switch cannot work correctly and distribute current through the system, you may hear a constant clicking sound. Many times, this clicking sound occurs when the system tries to initiate but can’t due to lack of current.
  • Rattling: Rattling sounds can happen for a number of reasons and can arise from different parts on the A/C system. For instance, you may experience a rattling noise that may originate from the pulley, which is in charge of activating the A/C compressor in your car. If the bearings near the pulley wear down and are not fixed, it can lead to rattling noises. This is a good indication that your car’s A/C pulley needs a check-up and possibly some fixing. A faulty compressor or a worn-out serpentine belt can also lead to rattling noises.

Hot Air

You may have noticed that every time you turn the A/C on it takes a long time to cool the cabin. On other occasions, you may have noticed nothing but hot air coming from your Hyundai’s vents. This can happen because of a lack of refrigerant or coolant. Lack of coolant, in most instances, is due to leaks in the system. If this happens, you should take your car to a professional A/C repair shop for an evaluation. Our professional mechanics are ready to perform a full check-up in your car’s A/C system and correct any issues.

These and other issues may arise in your vehicle’s air unit. Take your car to AAA for a dedicated, professional evaluation and correction.

What Other Services I Should Perform in My Hyundai’s A/C Unit?

Some lucky drivers may not need to have their car’s A/C unit checked for years. Others may not be as lucky and require check-ups and repairs on their Hyundai’s A/C. However, one of the services almost every vehicle will need to go through at some point in its life cycle is an evacuation and recharge.

Through this service, your car is connected to a specialized machine that will evacuate old refrigerant and contaminants in your vehicle’s A/C and replace them with new coolant at the manufacturer-recommended levels. This type of procedure should be performed by a certified professional who understands how it works. It is recommended that you don’t attempt to do this on your own, as it could lead to a serious injury. Trust our certified auto air mechanics.

Hyundai A/C Repair Service + Shop Proudly Serving Miami

If you or someone you know is having problems with their Hyundai’s A/C system, we may be able to help. With decades of hands-on experience, we can accurately assess and correct any issues in your car’s A/C system. All of our auto air mechanics are regularly updated with information on the latest auto air conditioning technology. To learn more about our services and how we can help you correct any underlying issues in your car’s A/C system, call AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning today at (305) 850-6706.