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Nothing is more uncomfortable than driving under Miami’s hot sun without a functioning air conditioning unit. At AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning, we understand the difficulties associated with driving without air conditioning, especially in Miami where is particularly warm throughout the year. Our professionally certified automotive air conditioning mechanics are updated continuously with the latest information in auto air conditioning technology. We also have the necessary tools to ensure proper assessment and corrections.

If you or someone you know needs their car’s A/C unit repaired, the skilled automotive air conditioning mechanics at AAA can help. To learn more about all of our services, call our offices today at (305) 874-0508.

Should I Take My Honda to an A/C Repair Shop?

Taking your Honda to a repair shop for service will depend on whether your car’s A/C system – or any of its parts – has been compromised. A vehicle’s air conditioning unit is a very complex system made out of many moving parts. A flaw in this intricate system can cause the whole system to fail. Depending on the extent of the damage, some parts may need repair or replacement. However, there are ways to detect a problem within the A/C system. Early detection of these problems can help you determine whether it’s time to take your Honda to an automotive A/C repair shop.

Most of the time, your car will let you know there are problems associated with its A/C system. Modern car models may provide a visual representation of a mechanical or electrical failure. However, you may be able to notice a failure in your vehicle’s A/C by paying close attention to any of the following signs:

Screeching or Squealing Sounds

Many different things can cause screaming or squealing sounds. For instance, excess pressure building up inside the compressor can cause your car to make a high-pitch noise. Excess pressure on the compressor can cause extensive damage if left unattended. If your vehicle is making a screeching sound, it may be due to problems with A/C unit’s fan motor. Driving with a damaged air conditioning motor fan means you won’t be able to enjoy a relaxed ride until the problem is fixed.


Leakages can happen for many different reasons. The typical wear and tear may play a critical role in the loss of refrigerant or coolant over time. Losing refrigerant over time means you will experience temperature changes as time goes by. Pinpointing the exact location of leaks throughout the system requires knowledge and experience. Our professionally certified automotive air conditioning mechanics can help you assess the extent of the damage and repair or replace any damaged part.

Hot Air

Nothing is more unpleasant than turning your car’s air conditioning on and getting a face full of hot air. This is especially true for people living in or visiting Miami, where it’s warm all year round. If nothing but hot air is coming out of the A/C vents, your car’s evaporator or condenser may be in jeopardy. To avoid further damage, make sure you turn your A/C off and take your car to a professional repair shop that can evaluate your vehicle correctly.

Best Time to Take My Honda to an A/C Repair Shop

While there are no specified dates to take your car to an air conditioning repair shop, it is recommended to have your car checked at least once a year. There may be underlying issues that develop at any given point, increasing the chances of experiencing problems with your car’s air conditioning unit. You can take your vehicle to a professionally trained and certified air conditioning mechanic who can check your unit for any problems that may need to be addressed.

However, if you are experiencing severe problems with your vehicle’s A/C – such as clicking sounds, hot air, or failure to start – you should take your car to an automotive air conditioning repair shop as soon as possible. Our mechanics have the experience, skill, and knowledge necessary to analyze, locate, and fix any problem within your car’s A/C unit. Thanks to our years of experience and constant training we can perform automotive air conditioning services on every vehicle that visit our shop.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair Service and Shop Serving Miami

Do not let a faulty auto air conditioning system ruin your day. Turn to the help of a professional team with three decades of experience in the automotive air conditioning repair business. All of our mechanics are certified and continuously trained to stay up to date with the latest in automotive air conditioning. In addition to automotive air conditioning services, we can also help you with other services, such as A/C evacuation or recharge and compressor replacement. To learn more about all of the services we offer and see how we can help you, call our offices today at (305) 874-0508.