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Driving under Miami’s hot sun makes the use of air conditioning pretty much mandatory. Without an air conditioner, commuting to work or dropping the kids at school can seem like a daunting task. Don’t let the lack of air conditioner ruin your day, week, or month. Turn to the help of an experienced auto air conditioning shop with more than three decades of hands-on experience.

If you or someone you know is having problems with a vehicle’s air conditioning unit, we may be able to help. To learn more about all of our services, call our offices today at (305) 770-6929.

How to Know If Your Ford’s Air Conditioning is Not Working Properly

You may wonder how you can be sure your car’s air conditioning unit is working correctly. Sometimes little details regarding proper A/C function can be overlooked with relative ease. Additionally, the morning rush, having headphones on, or listening to your favorite radio station can mask the sounds that let you know something is not right with the air conditioning in your vehicle.

You may have noticed your car is not performing as it should; however, the temperature inside your car may be “not that bad.” This may be an accurate assessment from the user’s point of view. However, a mechanic may conclude that your car’s A/C will soon stop working. Paying close attention to the following signs can help you determine if your car’s A/C is not working and may need repair.

Abnormal Sounds

Sometimes your car will generate strange sounds every time you turn the A/C on and usually cease once your turn your A/C unit off. For instance, you may have heard screeching, rattling, and other discomforting sounds. This may be an indication that there are problems with your car’s compressor or some of its components. Proper assessment of these types of sounds requires the assistance of a certified auto air conditioning mechanic. At AAA, all our mechanics are professionally certified and are ready to solve any issues related to your car’s air conditioning unit.

Warm Air Being Expelled

You may have noticed that nothing but hot air comes out from your car’s vents. This may be an indication that critical parts such as the evaporator or the condenser are in bad shape. Many times these problems can be solved by an experienced auto air mechanic. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to have some components either repaired or replaced.

Abnormal Odor

Sometimes you will sense a bad smell coming out of your car’s vents. This may happen for different reasons. The most common reason for smelly air conditioning is the accumulation of bacteria in the car’s vents. However, this can also occur if there is excess moisture trapped within the condenser. While this may not seem as bad compared to other auto air conditioning issues, mold can cause health problems to people with respiratory conditions or who are prone to allergic reactions. A professional auto air conditioning mechanic can help you solve these and other issues.

How Often You Should Check Your Ford A/C Unit with a Mechanic

If you feel something’s is not right with your car’s A/C, don’t wait another day and take it to a professional Miami auto air conditioning repair shop. At AAA, we are ready to take care of your car and make all necessary repairs. You should be aware that there is not a set date to get your vehicle checked. However, when it comes to air conditioning units, it’s best to be proactive and perform a preemptive assessment to deal with any potential problems within your A/C unit.

The best way to make sure your car has a fully functioning air unit is to take your car to a mechanic at least once a year. You may not notice something is going on with your air conditioner’s performance. However, an experienced mechanic can help you understand any problems and let you know what the best course of action may be. We have the facility and all the necessary tools to make sure you obtain high-quality auto air conditioning services. Our professionally certified auto air mechanics are ready to take care of any issues with your car’s air conditioning unit.

Car Air Conditioning Repair Shop Serving Miami

At AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning, we bring over 30 years of hands-on experience to every car we service. All of our certified mechanics are trained in the latest in auto air conditioning technology. Don’t let the lack of air conditioning in your car ruin your day. Make sure to take your vehicle to the skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced Miami auto air conditioning mechanics at AAA. If you or someone you know needs help with their car’s air conditioning unit, we can help. To learn more about all of our services, call our offices today at (305) 770-6929.