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There is nothing more relaxing than a nice, smooth, and cool ride on your car. However, what would otherwise be the ride of your life, can turn into a nightmare if your car’s a/c unit breaks down. This is especially true people living in Miami’s hot weather. At AAA Radiator & Auto Air Conditioning we understand how important air conditioning is to you.

That is why we dedicate our efforts to making sure your Chevrolet’s air conditioning system unit runs perfectly. To learn more about our service and how we can help you repair or inspect your Chevy’s air conditioning, call our offices today at (305) 874-0089 or contact us online.

Should I Check My Chevrolet’s Air Conditioning System?

The short answer is yes! Every car’s air conditioning (a/c) unit needs service at some point. However, determining the appropriate time for repairs is crucial to prevent your system from breaking. While there are no pre-determined dates for getting your car to an air conditioning mechanic, there are several instances where your vehicle will let you know it’s time for a check-up. We discuss some of the signs your Chevy may need its a/c unit checked.

Hot Air Coming Out of the Vents

One of the most noticeable ways to tell your car’s a/c unit is having problems, is turning it on and have a feel for the air coming out of the vents. If your Chevy’s air conditioning system takes too long to cool the air or it only blows hot air, it may need repair or service.

Bad Smell

The air conditioner is not supposed to smell bad. Any lousy odor coming out of your car’s air conditioning unit it’s a sign you’re a/c needs repair. Several things can cause the air blowing from your vehicle’s a/c unit to smell. For instance, if there is mold accumulation inside the air unit (condenser, compressor, etc.), you will likely experience a musty smell. Many people can withstand this situation while they find time to fix the problem. Nevertheless, you should get your car checked to prevent any potential health issues such as respiratory complications.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your car’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system are intended to work flawlessly. Any damage to its components can set a chain reaction capable of compromising the whole unit. For instance, one of the most common problems with HVACs is refrigerant leaks. If you are exposed to this chemical, you may suffer from shortness of breath, organ damage, and other health-related issues. It is best to take your vehicle to a professionally-certified air conditioning professional who can address this, and any other issued the car’s a/c unit may have.

Is There a Set Time to Check or Repair My A/C Unit?

There is not a set time to take your car to the repair shop. However, if you fear there may be something wrong with your car’s a/c unit, you should take your vehicle to a professional air conditioning mechanic as soon as you possibly can. Acting quickly can save you time and money. Keep in mind that while there are no set dates to get your car’s air conditioning system checked, taking your car to a professional auto air conditioning professional now and then can help your car’s a/c unit is safe from any problem.

As mentioned above, one of the main ways you can detect problems in your car’s a/c is hot air. Sometimes this is an indication your vehicle needs an a/c recharge. An evac and recharge is the process through which your auto air mechanic extracts old refrigerant and replaces it with a new one. This process involves special equipment designed specifically for this type of task. Additionally, the machine removes any oil and small debris that may be accumulated over time.

Many people may have an idea of what to do after they find out there are problems with their Chevy’s a/c unit. The main problem with the “DIY” approach is that many people lack the experience, training, and certification a professional auto air mechanic has. Taking your car to an experienced repair shop can help you solve your car’s a/c unit’s problems while preventing potential accidents and costly mistakes. Our knowledgeable air conditioning repair mechanics can help you solve.

Miami Auto Air Conditioning Repair Shop Servicing Chevy Air Units

Don’t let the lack of air conditioning in your car ruin your day. We understand how terrible and stressful driving without air conditioning under Miami’s hot weather can be. That is why we dedicate ourselves to repairing and offering high-quality auto air conditioning services to all our clients. For the past thirty years, we have been proudly serving Miami residents. At AAA Radiator & Air Conditioning we can help you solve your car’s a/c unit problems by offering top-notch a/c electrical repair, compressor replacement, a/c recharge, and other services. To learn more about how we can help you call our offices today at (305) 874-0089 or contact us online.