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If you or someone you know is having problems with their BMW’s air conditioning (A/C) system, we can help. Backed by decades of hands-on experience, our professionally certified auto air mechanics know what it takes to fix any issues with your car’s A/C system.

Don’t let a lack of cold air ruin your day. Trust in the professionals of AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning in Miami. To learn more about all of the services we can provide, call our offices today at (305) 770-6929.

Common Signs of Auto Air Conditioning Failure

Miami is arguably one of the most sought-after destinations due to its warm weather and beaches. It is also a destination favored by many retirees. If you live in Miami or are visiting, you know how important having a fully-functioning air conditioner system in your car is. This is especially true for those who have to travel great distances every day through Miami’s hot weather. Many car owners may not experience too many problems with their BMW’s A/C. However, many others can experience different issues. For these individuals, recognizing early signs of problems within their vehicle’s A/C system can be difficult, or if they recognize them, they may not know what to do next.

Vehicular A/C systems can be complicated and hard to understand for people who have little or no experience with these intricate devices. That is why it is necessary to take your car to an auto air conditioning repair and recharge shop to take care of any issues you may face. It is recommended to let professionals handle any problems your BMW may have.

One of the most effective ways to tell there may be something wrong with your BMW’s air conditioning system is by paying close attention to its performance. Some of the most common signs that could let you know there may be something wrong with your BMW’s A/C include:

Hot Air

One of the most common signs of auto air conditioning failure is hot air. You may have noticed that nothing but hot air blows through the vents in your car. Most of the time, this happens because of leaks throughout the A/C system. The air conditioning unit in your car depends on a chemical component known as freon. Freon is the refrigerant agent making cold air possible, once it has gone through a series of conversion processes within the system.

If there are punctures or cracks throughout the system, freon can leak, and your A/C may not cool the air. In such a situation, you should get your car checked by a professional who can correct the issue and recharge your car’s A/C with the correct amount of freon through a recharge.

Loud Noises

Loud noises are another common sign of A/C failure. You may have noticed loud, screeching noises coming from your car’s A/C every time you turn the system on. These sounds are not only discomforting – not to mention embarrassing – but they are also indicative of problems within the system. Many cars depend on a serpentine belt, which is in charge of activating many components in your vehicle, including the A/C compressor. Wear and tear can cause the belt to lose grip over time. This may be one of the reasons why you hear screeching noises every time you turn the A/C on. This issue can be solved by replacing the belt and making any necessary adjustments to make sure your car’s A/C works properly.

Clicking Sounds (System Inactive)

You may have also noticed a clicking sound every time you turn the A/C on. What may be concerning is that the system does not activate. This may be an indication that there is something wrong with the system’s electrical components. As you may know, many of today’s car models are comprised of intricate electrical components and circuitry. A failure within that system may render your car’s A/C unit inactive. This is a great time to take your car to a professional auto air conditioning mechanic. Dealing with electrical components on your own can further compromise the system. Our team of experts can help you get the job done and make sure you enjoy smooth trips every time.

Certified Auto Air Mechanics Providing A/C System Recharges to BMWs

As mentioned before, there may be leaks in your car’s A/C system that lead to a loss of cool air over time. In such a situation, you may need to have your car recharged. Recharging is a process through which your car’s A/C system is cleaned and re-filled to manufacturer-recommended freon levels. This process requires the use of special equipment designed to provide this service. It is in your best interest to have a professional check your system and execute the necessary procedures. This way, you can avoid further damage to the A/C system in your car as well as any potential accidents or injuries.

BMW Air Conditioning Repair Mechanics Serving Miami

At AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of a fully functioning auto air conditioning unit in your vehicle. That is why we strive to provide high-quality services through our professionally certified auto air mechanics. Don’t trust your BMW to untrained, inexperienced people. Let our professional mechanics take care of your A/C problem so you can enjoy smooth rides on Miami’s roads. To learn more about all of our services, call our offices today at (305) 770-6929.