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People living or visiting in Miami know first-hand how essential air conditioning is. Driving through Miami’s hot weather requires having a fully-functioning auto air conditioning unit. Our Miami auto air conditioning professionals understand this principle and are here to help you.

At AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning, we can help you solve any issues with your car’s AC. All of our auto air conditioning mechanics are certified and updated with the latest in auto AC technology. Thanks to our experience, skill, and knowledge, we are able to perform accurate assessments, repairs, and replacements. Call our offices today and schedule your appointment. Our phone number is (305) 770-6929.

Auto Air Conditioning Flushing and Cleaning in Miami

Like many other parts in your car, your auto air conditioning system needs upkeep and check-ups. Once your car’s AC system has been compromised or shown signs of failure, it is essential to perform a system flushing. Flushing is a procedure used to clean dirt and contaminants that may have entered into the AC system. Cleaning all impurities in your car’s air conditioning system is essential. A small amount of pollutants is enough to restrict adequate airflow and compromise the entire system.

The compressor is one of the essential components of an air conditioning system. In auto air conditioning, the compressor requires adequate lubrication to allow proper function. Other parts inside a car’s AC system, also require internal lubrication. The compressor, along with all other components, may compromise and fail if debris accumulates or clogs airflow passageways. This is a common problem affecting thousands of vehicles every year. Flushing is not just a fancy term used to charge clients for extra services; it is a necessary procedure ensuring auto air conditioning efficiency. This is particularly critical for people living in Miami’s hot weather all year round.

However, contamination may not be the only reason to perform an AC flushing. This procedure must be made any time you replace or remove your car’s compressor. The reason behind this is every time you remove or replace your car’s air compressor; the system is exposed to contaminants and pollutants from outside. Untrained, inexperienced individuals should not perform this procedure. Taking the DIY approach in this situation may cause more harm than good. Our Miami auto shop for air conditioning solvent flushes can help.

Performing an Auto Air Conditioning Flush in Miami

There are several things to consider when flushing a car’s air conditioning system. First, it is essential to understand federal laws are regulating the way air conditioning refrigerant (coolant) should be handled. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has a set of guidelines all individuals performing refrigerant recharges and air conditioning flushes must follow. For instance, the EPA requires individuals handling these procedures to be trained and certified. Improper handling of refrigerant and the release of this chemical into the environment can lead to severe consequences. For this reason, accredited technicians must use EPA certified machines to perform this essential procedure.

You don’t have to use solvents on every part of your car’s AC unit. Some parts should never be flushed using solvents. For instance, you should avoid applying solvents to components such as driers, accumulators, and the compressor. Instead, you should be able to carefully and safely remove the AC system’s hose connecting the compressor to the condenser and the AC condenser. Both these components can be flushed and cleaned before reinstalling the unit. Additionally, you may flush the evaporator.

Once you are ready to flush the different air conditioning components (condenser, hoses, and evaporator, etc.), you can start pushing solvents into each individual component to begin the flushing process. Once finished, leave each component to dry for at least an hour. Once an hour has passed, you will need to reassemble and refill the system to the manufacturer-recommended levels.

How Many Times Should I Perform a Solvent Flush on My Car’s AC in Miami?

You may wonder how many times a year you should service your car’s AC. Performing a flush on your vehicle will depend on whether your vehicle needs it. If the air conditioning system in your car is clogged or there are any contaminants within the system, you will need to take it to a skilled Miami auto air conditioning shop for a check-up, clean-up, and a clean-up and recharge. If you are concerned your car’s AC may fail, you can take a preemptive approach to your situation.

Another situation that may prompt you to take your car to a Miami auto air conditioning shop for a flush is when replacing your compressor. As we mentioned, anytime your car’s AC is exposed to outside contaminants, you should perform a flush. While it is not obligatory, you may take your car for a check-up every six months. Our Miami auto air conditioning solvent flush professionals can help you.

The importance of having a professional check your vehicle cannot be stressed enough. Auto air conditioning systems – particularly in modern cars – are sophisticated and delicate. Flushing an auto air conditioning system requires experience, knowledge, and skill. You should not attempt handling this procedure if you are not experienced or are licensed to do it. Keep in mind handling solvents can be risky. Inhaling the chemicals used during a flush can pose a threat to your health. For this reason, our Miami auto shop for air conditioning solvent flush for cars can help you whenever you need it.

Auto Shop for Air Conditioning Solvent Flush for Cars Serving Miami

Our Miami auto air conditioning professionals can help you if you or someone you know is having problems with their car’s AC. We know how important a fully-functional air conditioning system is at AAA Radiator and Auto Air Conditioning. We dedicate all of our efforts to make sure your vehicle’s AC system is performing at its best. We can help you assess and solve any existing or underlying issues with your AC. Call our offices today and schedule your appointment. Call AAA at (305) 770-6929.