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If you or someone you know is facing problems with their vehicle’s A/C system, the auto air conditioning mechanics at AAA Radiator & Auto Air Conditioning can help. We are a Miami-based air conditioning repair and service shop dedicated to providing nothing but high-quality auto air services to all of our clients.

Do not let the lack of air conditioning in your car ruin an otherwise perfect day in Miami’s warm weather. To learn more about all of our services and how we can help you correct any issues with your vehicle’s A/C, call our offices today at (305) 947-3501.

Things to Consider When Deciding to Take Your Chevy to an Auto Air Mechanic

When it comes to your car’s air conditioning unit, you need to make sure everything is running correctly to avoid further complications. This is especially true for people who live in Miami, where it is always sunny and hot. As a car owner, you may have noticed your vehicle’s A/C unit is not cooling as it once used to. However, you may not know the exact cause or how things may have changed over time. Many factors come into play when it comes to an A/C malfunction or failure. Here are some of the signs you should look for in your car if your vehicle’s A/C system does not work correctly:

Screeching Sounds

Your car’s A/C unit is made out many different moving parts. Some parts may wear out over time. Such is the case of components like the A/C’s bearings and belts. For instance, an old belt may stretch over time or lose its grip. Generally, different belts engage and spin once the compressor turns on. If these belts lose their traction, they may not function correctly and could cause the commonly known screeching sound. The loud, abrasive noise made by the belts is a good indicator that your car’s A/C unit needs a check-up. An old, overstretched belt is not a reason to panic, but it would be best to solve the problem and get your vehicle’s A/C checked by an expert.

Clicking Sounds

Clicking noises are very common in air conditioning units. However, pinpointing their source can be difficult if you have no experience with vehicular air conditioning units. One of the possible causes of clicking sounds can be a defective actuator. These are part of your system’s HVAC. If you continually hear these sounds every time you turn your car’s A/C on, it can be a sign that one of the actuators in the system is failing. Locating and solving the problem requires experience and the hand of a knowledgeable auto air conditioning mechanic.

Lack of Cold Air

You may have noticed that your vehicle’s A/C vents blow nothing but warm air. This situation can be particularly stressful when driving under Miami’s unforgiving sun. One of the most common reasons for hot air coming out of your vehicle’s A/C vents is a refrigerant leak. If there are any punctures in the lines carrying the coolant throughout the system, it can leak over time, preventing your car from cooling the air inside the cabin. This is an issue that can be solved by fixing the hose and recharging your car’s A/C with the manufacturer-recommended coolant.

Consider Having Your Chevy Checked by a Professional Auto Air Conditioning Mechanic

Many car owners wonder whether they should have their A/C system regularly checked by a mechanic. Though you may only need to take your vehicle for a check-up when faced with problems in the A/C, it is wise to take your vehicle in for inspection at least every six months. By having your vehicle checked every six months, you can make sure to correct any existing issues and prevent any problems that may be developing.

Additionally, many people don’t realize that not every A/C unit is perfect, and some tend to wear down quicker than others. These units may require an evac and recharge to make sure they are continually running on a fully functioning system. This procedure is performed by implementing the use of a specialized machine that will clean the A/C system and replenish it with the correct refrigerant levels. Make sure this is done by an auto air conditioning expert who is well-versed in proper A/C function and performance.

Professional Auto Air Conditioning Mechanics Serving Miami Chevy Owners

For decades, we have been proudly serving Miami residents. Thanks to our experience, knowledge, and dedication, we are able to tackle any issues you may have with your car’s A/C unit. All of our mechanics are certified and continuously updated with the latest in auto air conditioning technology. Don’t let an A/C malfunction ruin your day. To learn more about all of our services and how we can help you, call the Miami professional auto air conditioning mechanics at AAA Radiator & Auto Air Conditioning today at (305) 9447-3501.