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Driving under Miami’s hot sun can be an enjoyable or nightmare-inducing experience depending on whether you have a working a/c unit on your car. If your vehicle’s a/c unit is damaged and you are living in or visiting Miami, you may not have a pleasant experience, especially during summer. Don’t let a faulty a/c unit ruin your day. Turn to the skilled, professional, and experienced automotive a/c mechanics at AAA Radiator & Auto Air Conditioning.

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What is an A/C Recharge?

An a/c recharge is the process employed by professional a/cc mechanics to restore your vehicle’s air conditioning. There is not a set time table for this process to be performed. This means you will need to pay close attention to how your car’s air unit works to determine whether it is time for a recharge. One of the main reasons for recharge is lack of proper cooling. This can happen for different reasons. The most common reasons for having a recharge on your car’s a/c include:

Refrigerant Leaks

Leaks can occur for various reasons and can compromise your vehicle’s a/c unit if left unattended. Some of the leading causes for refrigerant leaks in your car’s a/c system include:

  • Damaged o-ring
  • Damaged seals
  • Broken hoses
  • Faulty compressor
  • Damaged condenser
  • Damaged evaporator

Keep in mind a/c units are fine-tuned to work together as a whole. This means if one of the components in your vehicle’s a/c is damaged, it can affect its overall performance. Our skilled, certified, and experienced automotive air conditioning mechanics can help you identify and correct existing problems within your car’s a/c system.

Damage to the System

As mentioned above, if one of the components in an a/c system is compromised, the whole system can be in jeopardy. For instance, the evaporator is a critical component that receives cold, low-pressure air together with warm air pushed in by the blower, and transports it to the compressor. Without this component, the compressor could not receive the air from the evaporator making it useless. Any faulty parts within an evaporator, compressor, blower, or other components can cause damage that can lead to refrigerant leaks or contamination of the refrigerant. A skilled a/c mechanic can help you determine the damage that may have lead to any leaks or refrigerant contamination that can justify a recharge.

How Does an A/C Recharge Works?

An a/c recharge is a multi-step process requiring evacuating and cleaning the system. After the system is cleaned, then the unit must be filled with new refrigerant. Most of the times, the process of evacuation and recharge is performed by a professional mechanic with assistance from a specialized machine.

However, this process may be extremely complicated, especially for people who have no experience with automotive a/c mechanics. The machine is in charge of removing old refrigerant and any particles of dust accumulated within the a/c system. Recharging the a/c unit on your car requires locating the correct filling port. Trying to perform a recharge on the wrong filling port can cause severe damage to the air conditioning unit that may need significant repairs or replacements. Additionally, to successfully execute a recharge on your car, you need to consider the amount of pressure in both the high and low side ports. Furthermore, knowing the exact amount of refrigerant, your car needs is critical in making sure the whole system works correctly. A skilled, trained, and certified automotive a/c mechanic can help you determine whether your car needs this specialized service.

How Often Do You Need to Have your Car’s A/C Recharged?

Determining whether your car needs to have their a/c unit recharged will depend on the specific needs of your vehicle. Keep in mind that your car can lose refrigerant over time due to use. If your vehicle does not lose a significant amount of coolant, and the system works fine, chances are you will not need a recharge. However, if your car looses a substantial amount of refrigerant and you get nothing but hot air every time you turn on the a/c on your vehicle, you may need a recharge as soon as possible. Take your car to a professional automotive air conditioning shop as soon as your car’s a/c stops working as effectively as it once did.

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For more than 30 years, AAA Radiator & Auto Air Conditioning have been proudly serving all of our customers. Our certified, skilled, and experienced auto air mechanics work tirelessly to provide nothing but high-quality auto air services. Don’t let the lack of cold air in your car ruin your day. Turn to our capable and trusty certified automotive air conditioning mechanics today. To learn more about all of our services, call our offices today at (305) 874-0508.